Friday, April 18, 2014

Some Reasons for HVAC Troubles

Toledo is most certainly happy that spring has arrived. The bitter polar vortex that struck the entire Midwest and East Coast during the winter may have put a lot of people under extreme duress, so the amiable spring weather is a welcome change.

However, people aren’t the only ones who were tested by the frigid cold; a lot of household HVAC systems were also put to the test. Thermostats were probably turned up as mercury in the thermometers went down, and it is possible that some units sustained damage during the entire ordeal.

If you feel that your HVAC system is one of the casualties of the cold, then it is important that you check it or call a professional to assess it for you. There are several possible causes for your HVAC unit to go haywire.

One probable reason why your HVAC system has gone haywire is the filter. The filter prevents contaminated air from circulating to the home. However, a clogged filter will reduce the efficacy of the unit, and a change will be necessary.

Another reason would be mechanical difficulties. As the system was put on overdrive for extended periods of time during winter, it is extremely plausible that the machine was heavily affected by it. Calling a professional to check the condition of the unit will help put your mind at ease.


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