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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Preventing Furnace Repair Through Proper Maintenance

A furnace may be hard-bodied, but it isn't built to resist all manner of mishaps. Overuse, carelessness, negligence, and other factors can all contribute to its early demise. To prevent furnace repairs and prolong the life of your dependable HVAC system, you should be aware of these simple, easy-to-do maintenance procedures:

Air Filter Replacements

It's the air filter's job to allow air to flow freely through the furnace. A faulty air filter can cause severe internal damage to the furnace, so it's vital to have it replaced regularly. If you're not confident about operating furnaces, you can always ask for professional help from HVAC companies.

Annual Inspection

You shouldn't assume that a furnace doesn't have any problems just because it seems to be running smoothly. Unless you're an expert on HVAC systems, you should have the furnace inspected by HVAC specialists at least once a year. That way, you won't be shocked if the furnace suddenly fails in the midst of the winter months.

Routine Tune-up

A furnace has a number of components, some of which don't last as long as the others. Since one rotten tomato can spoil the entire bunch, you should make sure that no worn furnace parts will affect the overall performance of the machine. To do this, a routine tune-up is needed to replace furnace parts that have seen better days.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Right Heater for the Cold Weather

Before you have heating systems installed to fend off the icy bite of winter nights, you have to be clear about the size of the area that the furnace and other heating equipment will affect. Are you planning to share the warmth to the whole family or keep all the heat to yourself? This should be answered before you go to companies that manufacture HVAC systems.

If you want the whole house to benefit from heating systems, then you can opt to have central heating units installed like the furnace. Duct holes or pipes are needed for a successful furnace installation, so you should not be shocked when HVAC experts drill holes in the ceiling, walls, and floor. This project would demand a considerable sum of money, which won't matter especially if you live in a snowy area.

If you want to fill just one or more rooms with warm air, then a wall furnace or a wood stove will be able to satisfy your needs. These heating systems are generally inexpensive, but they can amount to so much more due to the presence of high-end features.

If you still find it freezing despite the number of HVAC present in your residence, then heat things up with space heaters. These small machines are more than capable of heating tiny areas like sitting rooms and the garage. Portable space heaters are boons to those who like to move around even during colder climes.

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