Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Importance of Prompt HVAC Repair

As temperatures plummet this winter, many households across the United States become increasingly reliant on their heating systems—such as those that run on propane. However, the polar vortex that has affected the Midwest and the East Coast may have put propane supplies in jeopardy.

A limited propane supply, combined with a faulty heating system, is bad news for any household. As such, the all necessary repairs must be performed sooner rather than later to ensure adequate thermal comfort.
If a propane furnace does not produce enough heat even though the supply in the tank is sufficient, the problem may have to do with a defective furnace ignitor. Rather than risk running their propane supply empty, homeowners can call on a Toledo HVAC repair professional to resolve this issue right away.
Another problem propane furnace owners might encounter is a defective thermocouple. The thermocouple is the primary safety device that prevents unburned gas from being released into the household, and it also acts as the signal for the gas valve to stay open. For safety reasons, a defective thermocouple would have to be replaced.
The more limited the supply of propane becomes, the more important it is for homeowners to make sure they have a well-functioning propane furnace. Homeowners can call on reliable HVAC companies to repair or replace a problematic furnace.


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