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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Protecting against Carbon Monoxide through a Toledo Furnace Expert

A furnace technician must be called in to evaluate the heating system’s entire status and act accordingly on the findings. Prevention is the best cure; Alonzy suggests asking your contractor about setting up CO sensors at strategic locations in the house, such as the bedroom.

The furnace heat exchanger itself will have to be checked for cracks, as CO can seep out from them when the machine is running. A Toledo furnace installation expert can recommend a replacement if the testing showed evidence of potential CO generation. The replacement furnace may make a difference if the current machine has logged several years.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Getting Your Toledo Air Conditioning System Geared for Summer Action

Residents of the great state of Ohio, especially those from Toledo, may be unnerved at the thought of the summer heat. Summer temperatures in the city, on average, peak at 84.4 degrees Farenheit, but changing environmental conditions may bring it back

closer to the all-time record high of 106°C tallied in mid-July 1936. When you are concerned about your Toledo air conditioning system not belting out the appropriate cooling air this summer, a contractor like Action Heating and Air Conditioning needs to be put on the case.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Choose Professional Toledo Furnace Installation Over a DIY Project

Upon installing the gas piping, check that there are no leaks by spraying a detector solution on the pipe connections. If bubbles appear, then you’ll know that you didn’t really do a good job of connecting the pipes, and that there are leaks.

Hopefully, there won’t be any leaks. Should there be, however, shut off the valve, and instead go for a professional Toledo furnace installation service. Attempting DIY should be fun and all that, but when it comes to you and your family’s safety, it’s no laughing matter.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Save up on Toledo Air Conditioning Expenses With Quality HVAC Services

It’s not only with the heating system that homes and institutions could save money on. As long as professional service providers for heating and air conditioning in Toledo are called to work on the issue, any heating or cooling issues can easily be taken care of.

Of course, considering how expensive the units are by themselves, homeowners should not even attempt to tinker with their HVAC systems unless they are certain they know what they are doing. Otherwise, they might just end up doing more harm than good to the unit, and in the end, result in them not having any heating or air conditioning when they need it the most.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Toledo Furnace Repair: Assessing Possible Causes of Heating Problems

Solomon’s furnace maintenance tips mainly apply to gas furnaces, which is a good thing for Ohio homeowners, as about 68 percent of households in the state rely on gas furnaces (as of 2011). Gas furnaces are ideal for providing heat through prolonged periods of time– something that electric furnaces don’t excel at.

Considering that Ohio experiences some of the country’s harshest winters every year, the preference of majority of the state’s homeowners for gas furnaces is understandable. This also means that a reliable Toledo furnace repair company, like Action Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical, has to be highly knowledgeable and experienced in fixing both gas and electric heating systems.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Winters Biggest Lesson: The Need for Efficient Toledo HVAC Systems

The sad part is that residents are virtually powerless against dramatic increases in utility and gas costs. At the height of the winter season, many Toledo homeowners simply resigned themselves to the fact that their bills would be much higher this year than last year’s.

While it’s too early to tell if the next winter season would be worse, savvy homeowners can take matters into their own hands by refitting their homes with less-expensive, yet efficient heating systems. They can call on a reputable Toledo HVAC company, such Action Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical, for help in achieving this.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Keep the Fires Burning with Furnace Maintenance

Chilly days and nights are not exactly how you would want to spend your time at home. To avoid such discomfort, you’ll need to pay attention to your furnace. Here are a few tips to ensure that your home gets the most out of its heating system.

  • Dirt is the Enemy. A clean furnace is an efficient furnace. Dirt can increase the amount of fuel a furnace consumes, as well as lowers its capability to adequately generate heat. The first part that needs maintenance is the filter, which is why it needs to be cleaned at least a month before heavy use, and you’ll have to maintain a monthly cleanup schedule during its usage. Next, the blower and the motor have to be checked.
  • Lubrication. A furnace’s motor has a lot of moving parts. It is possible for such parts to develop problems like rusting or friction damage. This is why they need lubrication. Most of the time, furnace makers seal them up and have them permanently lubricated. However, for others, they’ll need to be lubricated. Regularly put some lubricant on these mechanical parts to ensure their smooth operation.
  • Check for Leaks. Furnaces need fuel, so they are usually hooked up to gas lines. Take a look at your furnace’s pipes to see if they have developed any leaks to make sure that no gas is wasted or is dangerously escaping to your home.

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