Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Troubleshoot Furnace Problems Before You Call the Repairman

A furnace repairman is always on call to help you out. However, before you pick up the phone, make sure your furnace is really in need of professional help.

Troubleshooting is a quick way of identifying the problem, albeit not as in-depth as a full-scale inspection by the service contractor. By performing a list of tasks that won’t take you hours to complete, you can determine whether or not to call a furnace repair service. There are dozens in the list, and among them is making sure the thermostat is set to heat.

No brainer, yes, but incorrect thermostat settings are all too common among HVAC systems. Experts say it’s easy to inadvertently turn the dial to a cooler temperature while cleaning the room or area. It’s a quick check that will only cost you around a few calories walking up to the thermostat, at most.

When this fails, it’s time to take troubleshooting deeper into the HVAC and electrical system. Common internal parts in furnace troubleshooting include the circuit breaker, gas valve and wiring. If you can’t find the problem and your furnace still refuses to do its job, pick up the phone and call a repair service you trust. He can perform a more thorough inspection for you.

If it does work after your minor tweaks, however, then well and good for you! You avoided having to spend unnecessarily for a problem you could very well fix yourself.


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